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Madden Mobile Brings A New Game In An Old Shell

Posted by martin ruth on September 13, 2016 with No Comments

madden mobile

The Madden Mobile has enjoyed a fair share of popularity. It has been launched on all the leading mobile platforms and gives the options of free downloads to the users. The game is for people who are absolute football fanatics. I was personally happy to have the upgrade of the phone with a more improved version of the logo. This particular version of the game includes improved graphics and an easier user interface

The graphic of the game is three-dimensional in nature, without any lagging in its course during gameplay. It is a simple game, involving running, and team players. The game is well coordinated and anyone using it for the first time will not have much of a difficulty. I preferred the touch screen version than using the joystick. I was quite happy to see the new developments the game has involved on a touchdown. The upgrade has had a huge effect on the quality. The only drawback I felt was the app draining the battery life of my phone too fast.

The experience of the game was very real. At one point felt like I was a real quarterback, while another instance made me believe that I was the coach. The game provides with a new experience at every level. The players and their movement are very well defined. Player upgrades can be made through Auction House buys or player purchase packs. There are different formats of play in the game through which I could earn coins. Head to head challenge which is a player against another player.  The Live Events section of the game is constantly changing. Then there is the season’s section, which I felt was more like a journey towards the super bowl

The Auction House, as the name suggest is for buying and selling players. According to my experience, it wasn’t necessary for me to buy player packs. I could also buy individual players according to their ratings given. The post-upgrade game has a search option where I could quickly filter my player by preference. The auctions are very neck to neck, and I had to be on my toes to get my desired players. I preferred that to the Buy Now option. Similarly, I could also put up my players for auction and rearrange a start price, and time. I sold my players at a higher price than I bought them for to maintain my madden mobile coins profits.

The CPU of the game has had a remarkable improvement as compared to the previous versions. The changes kept me intrigued throughout the game. The season’s section has come up with many new levels. The variations in the game made it harder for me to keep guessing what was next in store. The CPU makes constant alterations to maintain the game enjoyably.  The upgrade of the game has made it even more efficient than its previous version. The technical improvement that the game underwent combined with the new graphics of the game has made it a game changer for similar games. This gaming app is surely in its A game right now.